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Vancouver is an excellent destination to live, work, and visit. It’s simple to get around using public transit, and you may experience everything that Vancouver has to offer with friends and family by vehicle or bike.

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Go Live Explore A Vancouver Lifestyle Health

Hello and welcome to my Vancouver lifestyle, health, and travel blog! I can’t wait to share my passion for all things Vancouver with you! Vancouver has something for everyone, from its thriving food and drink culture to its magnificent natural surroundings and limitless outdoor activities.

And what better way to enjoy it than by leading a healthy and active lifestyle? I’ll be sharing ideas and methods for living a healthy lifestyle while seeing everything Vancouver has to offer.

I’ll help you make the most of your stay in this lovely city, from locating the greatest hiking paths and yoga studios to discovering the tastiest local eateries and trendiest cafés.

So, whether you’re just passing through or intend to make Vancouver your new home, be sure to keep up with all the newest advice on living a healthy and active lifestyle in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities!

There are several Vancouver lifestyle health travel blogs available, but which one should you investigate? I highly recommend the blog Go Live Explore. This blog takes a comprehensive look at everything connected to living a healthy lifestyle in Vancouver.

This site covers everything, from ideas on how to eat healthily while traveling to the finest locations to work out in the city. If you need some incentive to get healthy, the Go Live Explore crew is always up for a challenge.

The local way of life is one of active living and socializing. There are several fitness centers in the area that will provide you with inexpensive access to fantastic exercises on your schedule.

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Go Live Explore A Vancouver

Vancouver Travel Lifestyle Blog
Vancouver is a lovely city with a lot to offer. If you want to live a healthy and active lifestyle, here is the place to be. There are several excellent spots for bicycling, jogging, and walking, and the air quality is excellent.

Vancouver features some of Canada’s greatest hiking trails, which are simply stunning at any time of year.

If you enjoy fantastic cuisine, there are many great places to choose from. If not, there are lots of other things available, such as kayaking over Howe Sound or whale watching on Hornby Island, where I grew up, as well as shopping at Robson Street Mall and Granville Island, both of which have excellent boutiques packed with local artists who sell their work.

Go Live Explore is a lifestyle, health, and travel blog based in Vancouver that encourages you to live your best life. This site is all about living a healthy, active lifestyle in Vancouver, one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Vancouver is a city with an abundance of things to do and see. There’s something for everyone in this gorgeous city, from hiking on the North Shore to visiting Stanley Park.

If you wish to go outside the city limits, I highly recommend taking advantage of everything Vancouver has to offer.

I’m here today to share some advice on how to eat healthy while visiting Vancouver’s top hiking trails.

Travel Advice for Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a group of more than 100 islands off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. It is well-known for its natural beauty and diverse sceneries.

Vancouver Island is accessible by water or air from the Canadian mainland through Victoria, making it a great location for those wishing to escape hectic cities and discover this lovely portion of our country.

The best way to appreciate Vancouver Island is to spend time on its many beaches, hiking trails, and attractions such as Haida Gwaii National Park (the world’s largest protected area),

where you can see bears in their natural habitat, or take a stroll down Coal Harbour Beach, where there are many great restaurants serving local cuisine.

What inspired you to start a travel and health blog?

I was motivated to establish a health and travel blog since I enjoy traveling and eating healthily. I wanted to share my experiences and encourage people to travel more and eat healthier.

I’ve been traveling for over 20 years, but my first genuine vacation was only a year ago.

It altered everything for me in terms of how I perceive the world around me it opened my eyes so much that now if someone asks me where they should go next or what sort of cuisine is excellent there (or if there’s anything else worth seeing), all of these thoughts start running through my head.

Vancouver’s Unusual Experiences

Vancouver is a one-of-a-kind city with a lot to offer. Vancouver has something for everyone, from the magnificent natural landscape to the lively nightlife. Vancouver is the place to go if you want to have an amazing experience.

Here are just a handful of the numerous unique experiences available in Vancouver:

1. Go for a stroll on the wild side by exploring Stanley Park. This world-renowned park contains several hiking and bike paths, as well as stunning gardens and breathtaking views.

  1. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium to get up close and personal with some of Canada’s most renowned creatures. This world-famous aquarium is home to approximately 70,000 aquatic animals, including dolphins, belugas, sea otters, and others!
  2. Indulge in some of the greatest sushi in North America at one of the city’s numerous Japanese restaurants to experience Vancouver’s burgeoning cuisine industry.

Alternatively, visit one of Vancouver’s numerous wine bars or vineyards to try some of BC’s finest wines. 4. Immerse yourself in Vancouver’s rich culture by visiting one of the city’s numerous art galleries or museums. Take a trip around Chinatown to take in everything this colorful neighborhood has to offer.

Guide to Healthy Lifestyles
Vancouver has a variety of healthy cuisine alternatives.

The Farm on Granville Island is an excellent source of fresh products, including organic fruits and vegetables. They also have a fantastic bakery where they create their own bread.

Whole Foods Market – This is the place to go if you want to buy high-quality meat, fish, and poultry. They sell organic chicken breast for around half the price of other grocery stores in town (I’m sure there’s another supermarket that sells organic chicken breast as well).

I always get my groceries from here since they have such high-quality things at such inexpensive pricing when compared to other retail locations near me, such as Walmart or Costco.

Beauty Fits In
Drinking enough of water, eating healthily, and exercising frequently are the greatest ways to get beautiful skin. If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will become more visible. A healthy lifestyle includes sleeping for at least 8 hours per night. Get out there and have some fun.

It is critical to strike a balance in life since too much work can produce stress or, over time, health concerns such as high blood pressure or diabetes (source). A healthy lifestyle necessitates physical activity.

If feasible, try walking for 10 minutes every day for 30 days with your friends, use the stairs instead of elevators whenever possible, and go hiking on weekends instead of watching TV all weekend.

Healthy Living Wellness
Consume nutritious foods. This is the first step toward a healthier way of life. If you want to enjoy your travels and have a nice time, your body must be in good form so that it can keep up with all of the activities required by going across the world.

You should consume meals heavy in protein and fat (for example, chicken breast). The more protein you consume, the better your body will perform over time since this nutrient helps develop muscle mass, which increases energy and endurance levels whether exercising frequently at home or on vacation!

Regular exercise at home or when traveling abroad is crucial not just for physical health but also for mental wellness.

It helps us stay happy even though we know there will be times when things go wrong during our trips abroad…or maybe we did something wrong ourselves but don’t let those mistakes distract us from enjoying life right now instead focus on making sure everyone else knows how much fun they’re having while away without worrying about where their next meal comes from, etcetera.”

How Do You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle While Trying New Things?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when traveling is critical for a variety of reasons. For starters, it might allow you to make the most of your time away from home. Second, it will prevent you from gaining too much weight once you resume your usual activity.

Third, and most importantly, keeping a healthy lifestyle helps to avoid future sickness or damage!

The greatest method to maintain a healthy lifestyle when traveling is to eat properly and sleep well each night (at least 8 hours).

If feasible, you should also drink lots of water throughout the day. Try to incorporate some exercise into your schedule as well, as this will help maintain your immune system robust, which implies

In Vancouver, you may enjoy a pleasant and active lifestyle.
Vancouver is a lovely city with enough to do. It boasts wonderful weather, delicious food, and fascinating culture!

There are over 100 parks in Vancouver, so getting some exercise in nature is simple. You may walk or run in these parks at any time of day or night, but if you want something a bit more demanding, try out one of the numerous fitness programs provided at various sites across town!

The air quality in Vancouver is also fantastic, so we won’t need the masks we wore when we were abroad!

What is the Mission of Go Live Explore?

Go Live Explore is a website that links travelers with local tour guides. Members may form and join groups, exchange photographs and videos, and message one another to plan vacations and offer travel advice. A blog with articles about places, culture, food, and adventure travel is also available on the site.

Is Vancouver a good place to live?

Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities. It was just named the finest city in North America to live in. Living in Vancouver is a perfect base for year-round exploration due to its gorgeous location near the beach and snuggled up against the North Shore mountains.

What salary do you need to live in Vancouver?

After taxes, you can expect to take home C$ 44,318 on average. To live comfortably in this city, you should earn between C$ 40,500 and C$ 136,000 a year on average. This may be accomplished through a variety of jobs.

Is Vancouver expensive to live in?

Vancouver is one of the most costly cities in Canada, with daily costs that are much higher than the national average. This Canadian city may not be for you if you are wanting to purchase or rent due to the high expenses connected with it.

Is moving to Vancouver a good idea?

Relocating is never simple, but Vancouver is well worth the effort. This city has everything, and ex-pats are well aware of it. Neighborhoods are dynamic and varied, nature is abundant, the cuisine is delicious, employment is plentiful, and education and healthcare are excellent.

What are the disadvantages of living in Vancouver?

The most significant disadvantage of living in Vancouver has to be the high expense of living. Vancouver is the costliest city in North America, trailing only notoriously costly San Francisco, and the most expensive city in Canada.

Who Contributes to Go Live Explore?

The Go Live Explore blog is published by a group of travel enthusiasts who like sharing their stories and travel ideas. We’ve got first-hand reports of our trips from Africa to Asia, Europe to South America. We feel that travel should be much more than simply shooting gorgeous photographs (though we like doing that as well!) – it should be about experiencing new things.

What Topics Does Go Live Explore Cover?

Go Live Explore is a website that curates and generates information on a wide range of travel, culture, culinary, and lifestyle subjects. The website contains articles, films, images, and guides to locations all over the world, as well as travel tips and guidance. Go Live Explore also has a blog where they share their travel experiences and provide insights into diverse cultures.

Why Did You Begin? Go Live and Explore

I founded Go Live Explore because I wanted to travel and work at the same time. I had spent several years in the corporate sector and was ready for a change. I wanted to visit new locations and meet new people.

Traveling has always been one of my passions, so integrating it with business looked like the ideal answer. Go Live Explore is a travel blog and resource site dedicated to assisting individuals in planning their own travels.

I share my own travel experiences, suggestions & guidance, and resources for learning more about other locations.

My ambition is to assist people in exploring the globe and having fantastic experiences of their own.

What are your favorite Go Live Explore posts?
I adore Go Live Explore for a variety of reasons! The information is always relevant and precise, which is really essential to me. I really appreciate how in-depth and informative the postings are; it makes for an enjoyable read!

Great in-depth evaluations can help to make the world a better place. Why

Because thorough Outdoor gear, Travel, and Water Sports evaluations can assist you in selecting the best goods for your personal needs, budget, and hobbies. And having the correct product makes you happier, which influences the people around you!

Vancouver is a lovely city with a lot to offer! If you want to live a healthy and active lifestyle, here is the place to be. There are plenty of excellent locations to stroll, run, or cycle, and the air quality is excellent.

The cuisine is also fantastic, with many fresh and local selections. And if you enjoy traveling, Vancouver is an excellent starting point for seeing all of British Columbia.

Hello and welcome to Go Live Explore! This Vancouver lifestyle health travel blog will encourage you to live your best life and discover everything this incredible city has to offer.

What Motivated You to Create a Health and Travel Blog?

Assuming you want a personal response to this question: I’ve always been interested in health and fitness, and after years of working in the corporate sector, I realized I wanted to devote my whole time to my love. I enjoy traveling as well as being enthusiastic about health and fitness.

As a result, I decided to develop a blog that would incorporate both of my passions. My aim is that by writing this blog, I might motivate people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and travel to new locations.

Whether attempting a new fitness program or visiting a new city or country, I want to show people that it’s possible to live a healthy and active lifestyle while also having a social life.

What are your favorite healthy Vancouver lifestyle hints?

  1. Assuming you want to know how to live a healthy lifestyle in Vancouver, here are some suggestions: 1. Get outside! Get out and see the wonderful landscape that Vancouver is known for!

2. There are various fantastic hiking and walking routes, and being in nature has been found to offer numerous health advantages. 2. Eating properly is vital, but it can be challenging on a tight budget.

Fortunately, there are several farmers’ markets in Vancouver where you can obtain fresh, local vegetables at a fraction of the price of a grocery store.

  1. Exercise is essential for living a healthy lifestyle, and there are several opportunities in Vancouver. There’s something for everyone, from group fitness sessions to outdoor activities like bicycling or kayaking. And it’s simple to keep motivated with the city’s stunning vistas as inspiration!
  2. Stress management is a crucial aspect of being healthy, and there are numerous options in Vancouver. There are several solutions available to help you relax and de-stress, ranging from yoga studios to meditation centers.

What are some of your best travel tips for staying healthy?

When traveling, it is critical to take care of your health so that you may enjoy yourself. Here are some suggestions for remaining healthy while on the road: 1. Get vaccinated before leaving.

Consult your doctor or a travel clinic to determine which vaccines are required for your location and itinerary. This will protect you against diseases that are prevalent in other regions of the world. 2. Pack a first-aid kit and any prescription prescriptions you may require.

You’ll be more prepared if you become sick or injured on your vacation. 3. Stay hydrated and invigorated by drinking lots of fluids and eating nutritious meals.

Also, drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. 4. Exercise on a regular basis while driving. Walking or running is a terrific way to discover new locations and keep your body moving during long days of travel.

  1. Get lots of rest so your body can recuperate from the day’s activities. Schedule some downtime into your day so you may rest and refresh.

Consider taking brief naps as well, if feasible. Allowing yourself enough rest will keep you feeling rejuvenated and ready to embark on new activities.

Keep an eye on what you’re eating and drinking. Avoid drinking tap water in nations where

How do you strike a balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exploring new places and experiences?

There’s no denying that leading a healthy lifestyle requires work. Minor modifications in your everyday routine, on the other hand, can make a tremendous effect over time. Adding new experiences to your life might also help you stay motivated and on track.

Here are some pointers for striking a balance between living a healthy lifestyle and seeing new locations and experiences:

1. Make time for movement: Finding time to exercise might be difficult when traveling or seeing new locations. However, even 30 minutes of physical exercise every day might improve your general health.

So, make time for exercise every day, whether it’s going for a walk or running outside, or attending a yoga class.

2. That doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself; simply be mindful of how much and what sorts of food you consume.

3. Stay hydrated: Drinking lots of water is essential for maintaining a healthy body and skin, especially when traveling in different locations and weather conditions. Bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go to remain hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Get enough sleep: When it may be tempting to stay up late enjoying everything your destination has to offer, getting adequate sleep is essential for keeping healthy while traveling (or really anytime).

Where exactly is Vancouver?

Vancouver is located in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland area. It is a great area to live in since it is snuggled between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The city has a population of about 630,000 people and is Canada’s eighth-biggest municipality.

Vancouver is a multicultural city with people from all over the world living there. The moderate climate makes it an excellent area to live in, and the scenery is breathtaking. If you’re seeking for an interesting and lively city to call home, Vancouver is a great option!


To summarize, there is no doubt that Vancouver is a fantastic city to live in and explore. It’s a buzzing metropolis with plenty to offer, from beaches and mountains to culture and gastronomy.

It’s also an exciting moment for health-conscious travelers, who now have access to incredible services like VIBER (a fitness app) and H2Oi (an indoor hydration system). But the greatest thing is? You can do both at the same time. It’s simple and enjoyable to live this life in Vancouver with a little forward planning.

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